The Kenyon Farm, located on 20245 Zion Road, was purchased from AVI’s Director of Sustainability John Marsh (‘76) in August 2012 with gifts from the Philander Chase Corporation, AVI, and alumna Diane Elam ’80 for the purpose of creating an educational working farm run by Kenyon students to complement and expand Kenyon and AVI’s farm to table program.

The 10.79 acre property was originally owned by William Hogg as part of a larger 8,000 acre parcel after the forced resettlement of native tribes.  Since 1826 when Charles White purchased the property, then 12 acres, the farm has remained largely in tact.  A row of large trees along the fence line adorn the western side of the property, while the rear and eastern side are secondary growth forests.  The farm includes approximately 2.5 acres of forested land which adjoins Chapel Quarry Road.

The farm house was constructed in 1870, possibly by George Lawrence who owned the property from 1856 to 1876.  The property was substantially remodeled in 1989 by Rich and Rita Kipp family including the addition of a passive solar wing to the west side of the house.  In 2011, John Marsh added a barn to the property which now holds the 19.1 kilowatt solar array.


Year                           Property Owner                    Acreage

2012                           Kenyon College                      10.79

2004                           John Marsh                            10.79

1977                           Rich and Rita Kipp                10.79

1974                           Elizabeth Bell                         12

1941                           Rusler Bell                              12

1939                           Morgan Vernon                     12

1937                           Mabelle Huntsberger            12

1935                           Edward Young                          12

1935                           Julia Dudgeon                           12

1926                           Nellie Morningstar                 12

1892                           Abraham Morningstar           12

1889                           Emma Young                            12

1876                           Charles White                          12

1856                           George Lawrence                    26.82

1849                           George Pearce                          39.2

1828                           Theological Seminary           4000

1806                           William Hogg                           8000