Present Research

  1. Three Sisters Native American Farming
  2. Grafted versus non-Grafted Tomato Production in High Tunnels
  3. Development of a Rainwater Catchment Calculator

Past Research

  1. Thermophilic composting for season extension of leafy green production (Ryn Edwards et al.)
  2. Evaluation of small-scale vermiculture with red wiggler and nightcrawler (Ryn Edwards et al.)

Proposed Research

  1. Cost-benefit analysis of four small scale farming components in Ohio: laying hen egg production, mixed vegetable production, ornamental and edible nursery, and cut flower
  2. Carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions from farms in central Ohio
  3. Evaluating the sustainability of “green burials” versus conventional burials using lifecycle analysis
  4. Egg production in pasture raised and conventionally raised laying hens
  5. Using past climate data to predict corn and bean yields in Knox county Ohio
  6. Payback period and avoided emissions of on-farm solar photovoltaic system
  7. Design and costing of rainwater catchment system for Kenyon Farm
  8. Intersection between food and nature: examining ecological and agricultural needs at field-forest interface