Position Description

Employees of the Kenyon Farm are required to signing this agreement prior to beginning work at Kenyon Farm.  Online form available here.

A.   General Description

Reporting to the Farm Director, Student Farmers are working team of the Kenyon Farm responsible for raising crops and animals for a CSA and AVI Food Service.  Farm work includes the care and feeding of the farm animals, developing the agricultural plan for the farm, planting, weeding and harvesting the crops and caring for the farmhouse.  Student Farmers represent the Kenyon Farm to the Kenyon campus and the greater Kenyon/Knox County community and work with community members who offer advice on different aspects of raising crops and animals.  Student Farmers report to the Kenyon Farm Director and the other Student Farmers. Becoming a Student Farmer is a unique opportunity to work on a farm and be directly involved in the local foods program of the College; to educate the campus and community about agriculture and local foods, and to live in a beautiful off-campus setting.

B.  Housing

Student Farmers live at the farmhouse at 20245 Zion Road within walking distance of campus. Room designations will be assigned after acceptance into the program.

C. Period of Employment

The Student Farmers are employed for the duration of the academic year.  Move-in and move-out dates are the same as those posted for on-campus housing.  Special move-in/move-out arrangements can be made with the approval of the Farm Director and the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

D.  Duties and Time Commitment

The Kenyon Farm requires a serious daily commitment of time and energy (an average of 15-20 hours per week) and must be a Student Farmer’s primary extracurricular priority. Student Farmers are responsible for a variety of farm and farmhouse-related duties and must exhibit a strong sense of independence and a willingness to adapt to the needs of the farm and to work as a team with the Farm Director, the Farm Manager and the other student farmers.

1. Farm Work:  All members of the house share the daily chores related to the care of the animals, the crops and the care and cleaning of the farmhouse.  The care of the animals is particularly demanding because they must be fed, watered and cared for each morning, afternoon and evening.

Students must sign a waiver for all farm activities.

Student Farmers collaborate with the Farm Director and the AVI Director of Sustainability to assist with developing the working plan for the farm for the academic year and to assist with the planting and harvesting of the crops and the care of the animals. 

2.  Communication with the Farm Director:  The Farm Director will often communicate with Student Farmers via email or text to set up meetings or ask questions about the farm.  Prompt response (i.e. 24 hours) to emails or other forms of communication is expected.

3. Staff Meetings: Student Farmers hold a weekly meeting and meet bi-weekly with the Farm Director.

4.  Students Farmers must diligently record hours using approved timesheet.

5.  Student Farmers must contribute to farm work related to record keeping, research, website development, and other administrative tasks as requested.

The ideal candidate will possess the following qualifications:

·       Demonstrated ability to work with minimal supervision and take initiative

·        Experience with or interest in farming, local foods, and/or sustainability issues. Preference given to students with experience and related coursework

·        Volunteer experience at the Kenyon Farm

·        Ability to collaborate with other departments and student organizations

·        Experience coordinating programs and taking leadership positions

E.  Compensation

Student Farmers are to be paid $9.24 per hour and are expected to work a minimum of twelve and a maximum of twenty hours per week.  Work hours include work sessions, meetings and other farm duties.  Farmers will be compensated for cleaning of barn, garage and space within house used for farm activities (egg washing sink, common area used for meetings or lectures, etc.).   

F.  Eligibility and Conduct

Student Farmers must be in good academic standing (at least a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application) and must maintain a cumulative and semester GPA of at least 2.5 throughout employment.  If the grade point falls below the minimum, the student will be placed on one semester probation.  If after that semester the grade point average remains below the minimum, the student may be removed from the position.  All Student Farmers must carry a full-time credit load but should consult with the Farm Director before trying to overload.  Student Farmers who will be participating in internships and other time-consuming activities must notify the Farm Director of such commitments prior to the beginning of the semester and seek approval.  Class loads of two and a half (2.5) units or greater must be discussed with the Farm Director in advance.

Student Farmers are expected to follow College and Housing and Residential Life policies and regulations.  They are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times both on and off campus.  Student Farmers must abide by the standards set forth in theKenyon College Student Handbook.  Student Farmers involved in any infraction of the College or Housing and Residential Life standards will be subject to appropriate sanctions.   Student Farmers should be aware that they are viewed as student leaders and therefore all actions (whether on or off campus, in person or on the computer) should be held to the highest standards and in accordance with College policy, local and federal laws.

G.   Application Process:

All applicants must submit a letter of intention, and a resume.  All applicants will be subject to a check of their academic and judicial records. An interview with the Farm Director may be required, as well as input from current Student Farmers.  Rising sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply.

The letter of intent should detail the following:

·        Interest in the position and reasons for applying

·        Description of how you meet the qualifications (listed under “ideal candidate will possess following qualifications”)

·        Involvement with the Kenyon Farm and other related student activities